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Okay so, I now declare the official death of this blog. That was really funny chasing pink hair pictures around the, as the elder call it, world wide web, but I haven’t posted in months so I guess that’s it. Go on my other blog becuz it’s fabiouluss. I LOVE YOU ALL BITCHEEESSSS. Kisses, Margaux. And sorry for my poor english, I’m a fuckin’ french froggie. 

kt-kt-kt: where did you get ganesh tshirt from?:)

Oh, this is not me on the picture but you can get one on Ebay I guess :)

galactic-elephants: est-ce que tu parles francais?

Oui, je suis française en fait :)

I’m sorry, the blog is a bit dead these times but I don’t have much time and I prefer to concentrate on my personal blog. But I promise I’ll try to post a bit more ! :) xx

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